RCMS Director Kazuyuki Tatsumi Selected to Receive the Japan Academy Prize


RCMS Director Kazuyuki Tatsumi has been selected as a recipient of the Japan Academy Prize. This prize is awarded by the Japan Academy, established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology with the goal of conducting necessary ventures to contribute to academic and scientific development, for outstanding scientific theses, books, and other research works as a means of distinguishing scientists with remarkable scientific achievements.

The subject of the research awarded the prize was titled “Study on Bioinorganic Chemistry of the Active Sites of Metalloreductases.” Prof. Tatsumi discovered a unique method to synthesize transition metal sulfur clusters and had many successes in elucidating the electronic properties and reactivity of their redox behavior. Furthermore, through such successes as the synthesis of the active site of acetyle CoA synthase through dinuclear nickel models and achieving the model reaction cycle of this enzyme, Prof. Tatsumi has revealed new facets of bioinorganic chemistry and expanded the scope of the discipline, opening up the first steps in unraveling the natural, skillful structure concentrated within metalloenzymes.

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