Assistant Professor Shohei Saito Receives the Sixth Maruyama Memorial Research Award


Assistant Professor Shohei Saito, of Organic Synthesis, has been selected for the Sixth Maruyama Memorial Research Award.
The Maruyama Memorial Research Award is presented to young researchers who were pupils of the late Dr. Kazuhiro Maruyama (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University) or have some connection to him and have achieved outstanding results in their research.

Winning Research: Development of Materials Imaging Technique Based on Flexible Fluorophores
Research Summary: By developing a series of "moving luminophores" which change their luminescent color according to the configuration of molecules, and by applying their responsiveness to their environment as visualization technology, the research succeeded in observing environmental change of materials such as stress, hardening, and freezing promptly and reversibly with the naked eye. This technology can be called "material imaging," so to speak, and is highly regarded inside and outside Japan and in both industry and academia as an achievement that is both original and pioneering.