Chemical Instrumentation Facility

The Chemical Instrumentation Facility (CIF), which was built in 1979, is the first intramural collaborative research facility at a Japanese university. The CIF is equipped with most up-to-date instruments for chemical analysis, supports the university's educational and chemical reearch activities, and also provides operational services to the surrounding area.

The integration with in RCMS results in more efficient installation and management of high-level equipment. Available instrumentation includes:

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
  • Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Electron spin resonance spectrometer
  • Circular dichorism polarimeter
  • Infrared spectrophotometer
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence spectrophotometer
  • Polarized Zeeman atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Elemental analyzer

This intramural shared facility provides sample testing and consultation, user instruction and equipment maintenance; in addition, this facility operates an online chemical information database (Scifinder) on collaboration with the Department of Chemistry.