Inorganic Synthesis

Investigate New Inorganic Substances

Current trends in inorganic research include: metalloenzymes that accomplish such vital functions as energy production and high-efficiency material conversion, essential catalysts for the chemical industry and for environmental remediation, metal chalcogenides and multi-layer cuprates currently being investigated as high-temperature superconductors, and metal oxides used as nonlinear optical materials containing highly organized metal-based species. In this field, basic studies attempt to clarify the roles of the metal ions in such compounds and to develop new chemical functions. By understanding the characteristics of all elements, we plan to establish synthetic techniques for next-generation catalysts, artificial enzymes and functional inorganic materials. Furthermore, we hope to clarify the molecular mechanisms which are the basis of the function of useful materials by investigating structural and electrical behaviors, and to tackle environmental and energy problems from the viewpoint of inorganic chemistry.