Molecular catalysis

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Catalysis is the only rational, general means to produce important compounds in a cost-effective, energy-saving, and environmentally benign manner. The world market catalysis is ca, 12B USD, and chemical production through catalysis is estimated to be 1.2-6.0T USD. In this laboratory, the main goals are to develop new methods for precise chemical synthesis by pioneering molecular catalysts and to build a high-level academic foundation in catalyst research. We constantly develop important new catalysts and provide truly useful techniques for various problems in the chemical industry. In addition, we design, synthesize and examine functional materials (including biologically active molecules and optoelectronic materials) that contribute to the development and understanding of life and materials sciences. We carry out comprehensive research in chemical synthesis from a basic to an applied level. In the future, we will continue to develop new functional molecular structures via catalytic chemistry, generating spillover effects for all scientific fields through active cooperation.